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Sparta Cup 2017 - Report

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Southampton Jaguars - Sparta Cup 2017 - Report
Of course a special thanks to Carles Benito and to all his team behind the Sparta brand. The JAGS had their best ever tournament on and off the rink.
Muchos Gracias Ati!!

Game Reports

Southampton JAGUARS 1 vs 5 TRUE Spartanos
Sparta Cup 2017 - Group Game - 9th June - 1415hrs

Great fighting performance against the eventual champions. Lads showed great spirit and the captain got his goal. Should have been 5-2 but due to a dubious disallowed goal the score stayed at 5-1.

Southampton JAGUARS 0 vs 2 Galactics
Sparta Cup 2017 - Group Game - 9th June - 1915hrs

The Jags huffed and puffed but couldn't get that elusive goal to take the lead. The lads battled and would never give up which drew a lot of penalties, which tired the lads in 1 x 40min period game. Very close game but Galactics had their finishing touch when it mattered most. Great game for the spectator as the score could have gone either way.

Southampton JAGUARS 1 vs 4 Young Bleds
Sparta Cup 2017 - Group Game - 10th June - 1415hrs

The only game streamed from the tournament and it shows the lads did well but at this level any little mistake can be capitalized upon, as you can see 4 - 1 is not a true reflection of how it went. Positives are we had a great team goal but again watching the video the amount of play the lads had compared to the opposition, they were more composed in-front of net and this is vital at this level. Great game and we learn from it, we scored late on which shows the lads never gave up!
Southampton JAGUARS 3 vs 4* Lions de Bordeaux
Sparta Cup 2017 - 9th - 16th Play Out - 10th June - 1715hrs

As they say goals bring confidence, if this game lasted another 5 mins they would have scored more than 1 goal to win it. Unfortunately we took too long ro get going in this game but once we did, we looked unstoppable. Just a shame we ran out of time. Fair play to the Lions, they took their chances in the shoot out and came out deservant winners. As they say...we didnt lose...we just ran out of time!

Southampton JAGUARS 2 vs 3* Bourg Les Valence
Sparta Cup 2017 - 13th - 16th Play Out - 11th June - 0900hrs

The lads let in a goal first shift and after that they were chasing the game from the start and in these conditions (40min period and humid conditions) as well as penalties its tough to get the momentum going as they are always chasing the game. Apart from all that the lads showed great character and were able to accomplish a comeback to take the game to a shootout. Again credit to Valence, great bunch of lads and were able to convert 1 out of their 3 chances to win the shootout.

Southampton JAGUARS 4* vs 3 Young Bleds
Sparta Cup 2017 - 15th - 16th Play Out - 11th June - 1245hrs

This game summed up our tournament in a nutshell... 3-1 to go with 19seconds to go, we pulled the netminder with 1min 15secs left to play, scored 1 with 19seconds to go, rushed to the faceoff with 4seconds to go and was able to complete the comeback with 1seconds to go...madness. The lads got a round of applause on the full time buzzer. Great credit to Dave King for stepping up for his first ever Sparta Tournament game. The shootout was an exciting one as it was 0-0 after 5 takers each, up stepped the Captain Leader Legend and was able to convert on our 6th attempt. Jags best game of the tournament and Spartas best ever comeback as mentioned by the referee.

Overall analysis the Jags had a great tournament and have learnt alot from it. They have competed against the best and were able to hold their own. They all realise the finishing touch needs to be added to their games as well as composure infront of net but their very excited for what next season brings and cant wait to get stuck in.

Special Recognition: James Mello II - Excellent tournament and gave confidence to the team. Always provided guidance to the guys and helped is backup alot. Always welcome back and we hope to see him soon.
1st Star - MVP JAG: Craig Weedon - The 'playmaker' saved this seasons goals for this tournament. And what a tournament he had, highest scoring Jags captain in history and played out of his skin to be top scorer for the Jags.
2nd Star - Young JAG: Lewis Turner - Debut season, Debut Sparta but showed experience and maturity beyond his years. Great play and energy, we're looking forward to next season to see the results from this experience.
3rd Star - Tireless JAG: Lee Brown - No goals to show but his commitment to the cause and the energy this lad showed was second to none. He killed alot of penalties and certainly got through a lot of miles.


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