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Sparta Cup 2014 - Report

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Southampton Jaguars finish 10th in Sparta Cup 2014
After finishing retrospectively 16th(2011), 13th(2013), 10th was the Jags highest ever finish and also the highest place by a GB team entered this year.

Firstly the Jags would like to thank Carles Benito for inviting us once again to this wonderful event.
It was a very successful tournament and I couldnt of asked for anything more from the lads, they played very well with everyone giving 100%... and Westy didnt do to bad either...said a smiling Steve Jeffery.
"Battered n bruised but all worth it. I couldn't be prouder as a captain of Southampton Jags. Top placed British team at #spartacup"... Said Mark Barrow.

Onto the first game, the Jags faced the Champions of Europe, Diables de Rethel.
The team talk was very short, inspirational and motivational..."Try score a goal and keep it under 10!!!" said coach Steven Jeffery.
The Jags had impressive 1st period, going in at half time just 2-1 down to a dubious 2nd goal but never the less it was a great opening 1 timer goal by Nick Smith. In the 2nd period the team defended valiantly and kept the score down to 5-1, which was the best result produced against the eventual Sparta Cup winners. After the game coach Steve explained "I told their Coach we parked the Bus...as well as the hire van! but I think the Hampshire humour went over his head like most of their shots".

The following quotes are post match blogs from the fastest Skater him self Adam West...

Well considering they are one of the best teams in the world I think we did good. First game 5-1 loss. Next game is at 7/8 tonight against the host team. #spartacup #jagshockey #hockeyforlife

Well boys you played your hearts out, we play valley commandos and WE WON 2-1 with both goals scored by our one and only Lee Brown first was assisted by Mark Barrow from Craig Mckell and second assit was by out import Xande (AKA James Wiggins ). Well done to everyone that played you deserve your beer

So the outcome of our first game against rethel was lost 5-1 with a goal by Nick Smith and assist Lee Brown a very big well done by the Southampton jags players

Right boys and girls another win for us this morning against the kiwis, 2-2 won on penalties first goal was a lovely play scored by Lee Brown from Nick Smith from Craig Mckell and the second goal was a lovely spinorama by Craig Mckell with the assist from Adam West with a great break out from Mark Barrow coming to the penalties best off three 2-0 first goal by Xande Guilardi and second by Curtis Jeffery well done guys. Now we are playing for 9th/10th place we need all your support back home boys and girls 14:30uk time

Xande Guilardi said..."Well Done boys , was a pleasure ! Southampton Jags Sparta Cup 2014."

Chris Orme said..."A shootout win and a shootout loss to finish the Sparta cup in 10th. Best finish for a British team this year. Best GAA vs the eventual winners Rethel. Better all round for us since last year. Not too shabby. Great job all at Southampton Jags. Honour and privilege!!"

Nick Smith said... "Good win against valley! Great team effort! First win of Sparta cup with Southampton Jags time to have a few beers and watch Barcelona play"

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