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Pink Helmet -March 2017

Created on 04 April 2017 Hits: 1719
Pink Helmet for March 2017
Pink Helmet for March 2017...
Who do you think deserved it this month???
Steven Jeffery Steve's cases for his nominees

PINK HELMET NOMINEE: @_turner_5lt - Lewis Turner 'Pink Gate#1' Turned up to hockey with a pink cardigan and looked more like a pink panther than a scary Jaguar!

PINK HELMET NOMINEE: @_turner_5lt - Lewis Turner 'Pink Gate#2' After giving him a drilling about his pink attire he then pulls out a pink hair dryer!

PINK HELMET NOMINEE: @_turner_5lt - Lewis Turner 'Inexcusable uniform' He orders a whole load of kit and whats the first thing he does? Wears the wrong trousers with the correct top for his first game!

PINK HELMET NOMINEE: @peznicholas - Nick Perry 'Perrys Attention to Detail' Told him to setup the #JAGSCCC - Jags Coffee Cup Challenge...Perry advertises it as the Coffee Mug Challenge

PINK HELMET NOMINEE: @peznicholas - Nick Perry 'Perrys Penalty' During the game Tom came off to change but Perry jumped out the traps too soon and got a 'Too Many Men Penalty', he jumped out so quick, he even tripped his teammate up in the process

PINK HELMET NOMINEE: @ormie31 - Chris Orme 'Love is in the Air' Not sure whats wrong with this team anymore, more and more it seems they are missing hockey to go away with their girlfriends

PINK HELMET NOMINEE: @browner_8887 - Lee Brown 'Turn Coat' Didnt play our first few games in March due to his missus having a bad back but was fine to play for his BRHA team in the morning

PINK HELMET NOMINEE: @southamptonjag - The Whole Team 'Team Didnt Turn Up' This goes to the whole team as I dont think they realised our second game was 11:45 against London Elite.

Congratulations to the Team for receiving this months award.


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