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Created on 08 November 2021


JAGS PREM TEAM - Rubber Ducky WINNER for October 2021
@southamptonjags 'Not Turning Up 1st Game' We had a clear and obvious winner ready to take the shirt but Sundays game happened and after that 1st 'non' showing, the lads took the award with ease


#1: @benpassfield_69 - Ben Passfield 'Kit too BIG' Hes spoken for the last 2 seasons about buying kit, showing me this and that on his phone and what deals are going on in the goalie world, then all of a sudden he turns up with shiny new kit and goes...Steve, its too big for me and I cant move.

#2: @browner_8887 - Lee Brown 'Covid Alert' We have now had the Covid excuse 3 times from Browner, he normally gets symptoms the Saturday before a game. We think the Government will take him away soon for extraterrestrial testing to see how his body immune system works.

#3: @west_61 'Moaning Westy' After Sundays game and last Mondays training you would of thought Westy was on in his death bed after sending numerous Whatsapp messages for his little scratch on his eye (We thought he had a new cat) and his little bruise on his leg. Bless our little Westy we hope he recovers well.

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