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RUBBER DUCKY - Sept 2019

Created on 01 October 2019
Pink Helmet Nominees for September 2019...
Who do you think deserved it this month???
Steven Jeffery Steve's cases for his nominees

#1: @_turner_5lt - Lewis Turner 'Skipped Training' Our very own Woooo-wis completed an ironman in 5 hours which we are very proud of but couldnt handle a 1 hour training session!

#2: @chris.hoc93 - Chris Hocquigny 'Fastest Skater' Ever since his trip to Prague he told us he is the fastest skater in the club no questions asked! He did well to get to the final of the Jags Fastest Skater competition but unfortunately just fell short at the last hurdle to Spartas Fastest Skater 2010 - Adam West

#3: @joff_brown - Jonathan Brown 'Houdini Act?' What can we say... "Joff" great lad! Turned up all keen and enthusiastic, wanted to improve and beat his goal tally of 1 from last season. First games scores 2 goals and we have not seen him since. If anyone sees him, please can they show him a map of Bisley and how to get there.

#4: @kempinhio - James Kemp 'Leads By Example?' Again similar to Joff, joined this season and told us about his commitment, desire and leadership skills to lead this team. We was so impressed with his interview we decided to make him Captain of the second side! First game of the season..."Sorry! Cant make first 2 games of the season!"

#5: @browner_8887 - Lee Brown 'Another Houdini Act and Sea Legs' We have not seen Mr Brown since Prague...Turns up training Monday night a week before a game and expects to be first line, power play and penalty kill...Proper Diva! After a poor showing from "Sea Legs Lee" on Mondays sessions we are now in negotiations about a possible transfer to our sister club The Mustangs.

#6: @TheMightIanP - Ian Parsons 'Experience from Reg' During the Jags2 first game Ian decided to call on his experience to get the lads back into it after going 3-1 down with a delay of game penalty.

To be announced Monday 7th September

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